Listen for His whisper

Not sure what I’m supposed to do

there is no manuscript to follow

not sure how to act, or how to just be

started off a small child

with dreams and fantasies of life

but they weren’t reality

still there, in my head, in my dreams,

those ghosts of childhood dreams

don’t want to lose them

must hold onto them.

and make them come true

it’s not too late, is it?

didn’t listen for Your voice

didn’t stop and breathe, be still and just listen

quietly listen

for Your whisper



Covered with an icing of snow

the green of the needles laying beneath

as the sun lights up the sky

moving slowly westward

thank You for these beautiful trees

thank You for these eyes

so that I might see

the beauty of the world around me



Woman at the well

I went to the well

to get some water

as I have done many a time

for my family

and He was there before me

sitting at the well

with a look of calm

I did not fear

He asked me for a drink

said that He was thirsty

I wondered who was this man

who looked at me

with eyes that could see

down into my soul

every secret

hidden inside of me

every shame that

had been a part of me

I dipped my cup into the well

and filled it with the water

He promised me water

from a living well

if I believed in Him

and I believed

I ran to my family

I told all of my friends

and everyone in the village

of Him

because I knew that something

had happened

inside I felt different

forgiveness and peace

and loved

my thirst was gone



Christmas is about Hope

Maybe that’s why everyone, or mostly everyone, is in a festive mood. Somewhere in the back of our minds we feel hopeful. Hope for a better year coming up. Hope for a better world. Hope for peace. Hope for life everlasting.

If you have just lost someone you love dearly, you might not feel that hope. I know how that feels. Just wanting to get Christmas over with. Not wanting to hear the Christmas songs about Jesus. Not wanting to see the Christmas lights. Not wanting to open a Christmas gift. Not wanting to go near a church. Not wanting to smile. Feeling hopeless. I get it. I feel for you. I hope for you to have hope.

My hope is there this year. I have hope for a better year ahead, inside my head. Hope for a better world, because inside my head will be better. Hope for peace inside my head. Hope for a life everlasting.

Long ago a child was born. We don’t know the day. We don’t know the month. But we know that because of that child everything changed in the world.

There was Hope.




Touch has a memory

What is your memory of touch?

Is it as a child when you were held

lovingly in your mother’s arms

or hit on your bum when you were bad

Was it the feel of the brush

tickling through your hair

or pushing ouchly through the knots

was it the soft sand slipping

through your fingers

or the stones stuck to your knee

as you picked yourself back up

from the fall from your bicycle

Was it the wind blowing gently

against your face

as you went higher and higher

on the swing

or the bark cutting into

your elbow as you climbed

higher in the tree

Was it the rain falling on your nose

as you ran from the car to the house

or was it the bitter cold that

bit at your finger tips

while you finished off that snowman

close your eyes and feel it

the memory




Whose fault was it?

The child he robbed a bank

when he grew up

was it the mother’s fault

that he turned out that way

The child she had a child

out of wedlock when she grew up

was it the father’s fault

that she turned out that way

The child he beat his wife

when he grew up

was it the mother’s fault

that he turned out that way

The child she turned to drugs

and lived out on the streets

when she grew up

was it the father’s fault

that she turned out that way

The boy he killed himself

when he grew up

was it the mother’s fault

that he ended it that day?


The eyes

I press the code and the door opens

I step inside

all eyes look to me

some are questioning

some are smiling

some are closed and sleeping

some are fearful

looking up from chairs and wheel chairs

I wait for her eyes to see me

to recognize me

then she smiles

she still remembers me