Special Relationships are Special!

The one thing I’ve come to appreciate the most, is a special relationship with another person.  That person may be a friend, co-worker, or relative.  That person adds something good to your life.  They take nothing away from it.  They do not drain you of your energy, they add to your energy and inspire you in some way.

My brother, Bill, just recently moved away leaving a great many people in our community lost and with an empty spot that he used to fill.  Bill and I grew up together, being close in age, like twins.  We can argue and fight but we’ve always got each other’s back.  He has been there for me through the death of our sister, Shirley, and through everything I go through with the death of Ryan.  I hope he feels the same way about me, that I am there for him whenever he needs me. 

Bill has always been the one who has inspired me to care about my home and my garden.  If you know Bill, you know that he is genuinely interested in what you are doing to your


home in the way of decorating or renovating and he wants to see all of the plants and flowers you have in your yard.

Bill has lived alone for a large part of his life, until now, that he has found his partner for life, Dave.  I am extremely happy that he has someone SPECIAL in his life.  I, myself, have a hard time being alone, so I have always marvelled at how Bill could go on vacations by himself, go swimming or skiing by himself…and enjoy it!  He has inspired me to exercise and now I have to keep that up as he won’t be here to tell me what he is doing daily.  Very often I would call Bill in the morning and he had already taken the dog for a run and split some wood or painted his kitchen.

There are still many days for me when I don’t feel like vacuuming or dusting and I just don’t care if the house is dull and dreary.  These are the times when I need to think about the Special People in my life and find the motivation to get up and rearrange the furniture, or put some flowers in a vase or cook a new recipe.

So thank you special people and thank you brother Bill, for being inspirational people!


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