Get the Canoe in the Water

Summer really is a short time here in Red Lake and most of us try to cram a lot of things into it.  There’s the pressure to get the garden in, get to the cottage, clean and maintain the cottage (if you’re lucky to have one), get to the beach, go fishing, camping, running, hiking, and of course – traveling.  School is out and everyone has to hit Highway 105 to get the heck out of here.  It’s time to visit relatives or go shopping or take that two week driving trip out West or East!  And then of course, if you’re getting married… whew!  There’s a lot to do.  But that is because, we end up sitting around all winter, waiting and dreaming about summer.

For me, it’s important to relax, as well, and just smell all of the smells, soak in the water, and imprint the view of beautiful Howey Bay into my eyeballs so that I can remember how it looks once it is frozen over again.  Every Morning, I enjoy sitting on my deck overlooking Howey Bay, with a cup of tea, and watching the loon familyswim by.  There are two baby loons that are getting bigger every day and they can now swim underwater a little bit but their parents are still feeding them minnows.  It is so precious!!

I love to just sit and read a good book feeling the breeze off the lake, if there is one, and listening to the birds singing.  Those are thesensations that remind me that I am real and I am alive.  Having a cocktail by the lake is nice too.

I want to go for a canoe ride so desperately!  But first, I have to convince my BFF, to join me.  My goal is to prac

My perennials are blooming despite the drought we’re having and they are doing better than last year.  So I can go into the front yard and spend time pulling out weeds now and then, if I want to and enjoy all of the colours there.

My main goal this summer is to practice steering and paddling the canoe, Ryan’s cedar canoe.  It needs some loving and attention and so do I.  There is nothing more peaceful and serene than paddling a canoe on a still, calm evening around a lake.  That is what my soul aches for.

We are currently in forest fire season and there are a lot of fires out there surrounding our peaceful little community.  I haven’t seen my son, William, for a week.  He is on a fire crew this summer.  Yes, that is a little stressful for me.  I didn’t sleep the first night that he left on his first week out.  But this is his second time out and he loves what he’s doing.  He shared his stories with me from his last trip and it does sound exciting.  But it is also dangerous and I have that great fear of losing another child.  I don’t want to hold him back either so I am trying to be brave and let him do his thing.  I want him to have a full and complete life, as long as it is.  That is out of my hands.

I will just canoe around the lake and think of peaceful things.

The Loon Family


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