Rest in Peace Rypien

The cause of death has not been determined at this time, but it is believed that NHL player, Rick Rypien died of suicide on Monday.  He was to be part of the Winnipeg Jets and although I am not a hockey fan, it still impacts me greatly.  Every time I hear of a suicide, I think of what the family is going through.  Another recent suicide is Russell Armstrong who was married to one of the reality start women from “The Real Housewives of LA”.  He was 47 years old.  Hey, I’m 47 years old!

The person who has left this world is no longer suffering, if they were suffering here on earth.  And not all suicides are relataed to people who have depression; there are many different reasons for suicide.  If we talked about it more, it may be possible to understand it and save more lives.  Those of us left behind by suicide spend the rest of our lives wondering…

Check out Scott Chisholm on Facebook or Twitter. and The Collateral Damage Project.


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