The Cedar Canoe Rides Again

The Cedar Canoe

“Empty now, it floats down the river, silently gliding through the waters searching for its creator; the smiling young man who lovingly brought life with each piece of cedar he tenderly placed, to create the cedar canoe.  Where did he go? Why did he leave? His canoe moves along paddled by the ghost of a life now gone.”

One of my goals this summer was to get Ryan’s beautiful cedar canoe in the water and use it.  The summer has been a very hot one and the water has been extremely low but we did get the canoe out a few times.  It still amazes me when I look at it.  Ryan made this work of art and he is not here to enjoy it. Strange how our possessions live on when we are gone.

The canoe is quite long and its belly is wider so it’s not that tippy. I feel quite safe in it unless a big boat comes by and leaves waves that are for surfers.  It has been tricky to get it into the lake from our dock because of the low water level this year.  We have to lower it by rope and then move it over near the shore to get in.  It has been easier to get out of it by using the ladder at the end of the dock.  And yes, it has received a few scratches but I think Ryan would be okay with that.  At the end of this summer I have to do some maintenance on it.  It’s supposed to be varnished every year, I think, so I will do that before storing it away and then again at the beginning of next summer.

I have felt some very peaceful, happy moments this summer.  I am grateful for them because I have felt like the old me at times.  Maybe it is possible to have happiness again!  Ryan’s canoe is part of my peace.  Thank you Ryan!


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