When the lights go out

Our little town was without power for almost 8 hours on Sunday.  It was a scheduled outage by Ontario Hydro as they sometimes do around here.  At first I was annoyed by the inconvenience it was going to cause to my life and routines.  Weekends are short and very precious to me.  I not only had to plan for the outage at home but also at work (making sure the generator, phones etc. are working).  But after about an hour into the powerless day, I started to enjoy and appreciate it; heck I think it should happen more often. 

So what are the benefits to having no power?  Well, there are some, if the conditions are right.  It’s no fun to be without power during the winter, but during the summer, it’s just like camping.  The first thing I noticed was that everyone was outside, rather than inside watching TV.  My teenagers couldn’t play their video games so they actually spent time with me.  They also had to rely on me for food.  I was well prepared with a BBQ and also my little camping stove, if necessary.  We had a delicious lunch, if I do say so myself.

Out on the street, people were jogging or walking their dogs.  Some people were enjoying the air-conditioning of their vehicles and driving around, visiting friends or family.  Boats were out on the lake and laughter could be heard clear across the bay. Children were getting exercise on their bicycles or at the skate park.  Seniors ventured outdoors as well to find a nice breeze in a shady spot.  The town became Mayberry, well okay, not quite.  It reminded me of the old days, back when I was a wee girl and before all of this crazy technology was dropped on us.  We had to invent our own entertainment and we played outside all day until our moms made us come in for bedtime.  Ahh, those were the days!

I’m sure the planet benefited a little bit too.  But now, I have to catch up on my emails, blogs and Face book friends.   Gotta go!


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