Out of my comfort zone

It was a gorgeous day.  Sunny, fresh and colourful.  The leaves are a brilliant gold now.  I walked to the Legion parking lot where the last Farmer’s Market was being held for this year.  I wasn’t there for the farmers on this particular day but had heard that the Cancer Society was having a fund-raiser book sale and bulb sale.  I’m all for that.

Wasn’t wanting to go. It is really easy for me to stay at home and inside on the weekends.  I like to come home and escape the world, just hide away in my hide-a-way.  Going out where there are going to be crowds of people is not my thing.  But I know that I have to push myself to do it and it usually turns out ok.  A little self talk is required, “Come on girl, you can do it.  It’ll be fun.  You’ll feel good.”  Actually, it’s more like, “Alright, dumb ass, get outside.  Don’t be so lazy.”  Yep, that usually does it.

So I got my dumb ass out the door and started down the street.  I was impressed with the amount of townsfolk who were out and about.  As I got to the corner where the only stop lights in town are situated, I was met with a parade.  Wow a parade, just for me!  People celebrating me going for a walk.  Ok, so not, but there was a little enthusiastic group of environmentalists marching to stop the use of  fossil fuels.  Of course one of my friends was in the lead!  Good for them, out marching and taking a stand and saving the planet.  That really impressed me.  Here I was trying to find an excuse to stay in and hide away from all of this.  You can check out Cristine Penner Polle’s blog at 350 0r bust.wordpress.com

When I arrived at the Market, there were quite a few booths set up outside in the parking lot as well as events going on inside the Legion.  I made a bee-line for the books and bulbs and was happily rewarded.  Found four books that I know I will get great pleasure from reading.  I love Maeve Binchy and Rosamunde Pilcher.  They write very descriptive pictures of their characters as well as the setting which is usually in Ireland or England.

The bulbs have been planted and now when spring comes along, I will have some beautiful daffodils blooming to smile at me and say, “Aren’t you glad you left your comfort zone, Dumb Ass?”  And I’ll be glad.

I Love Autumn


One thought on “Out of my comfort zone

  1. ugh, I have to talk to myslef too. I know some that are just like us, struggling to get out, to move on. That is hard work! Good for you!

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