The Fisherman

We can hear the motor

before we can see the boat


then it appears around the point


a hundred seagulls lead the way


we run from the cabin


and down to the dock


the dog runs ahead and barks


the fish boat is returning at last


the fisherman is in his oiler


he unloads the crates of fish


it’s time to scrub the boat


and then to wash down the dock


its hours of cleaning fish in the fish shack


and then loading up the boat again


we head for town with our cargo


and return empty home that night


the oil lanterns are lit in the cabin


we sit around the table and play cards


the loons sing across the waters


to their lullaby we fall asleep


before the sun has risen, the fisherman awakes


he packs his gear to get ready for another day


and then from our beds we hear the motor of the fish boat


as it chugs off to meet the seagulls



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