Ryan is my Angel


The box is just a box,

made from cardboard,

a little worn from time

On the shelf it sits,

in the corner of the basement

It once was a joy

to be discovered every year

for that day of celebrating

that baby boy born long ago

Now it sits alone, abandoned

with its memories

of another baby boy gone

The time has come for the box

to be taken down from the shelf

brought back to the light

brought back to me, my angel

there in the bottom of the box

waiting quietly

Made by the small hands

of a child; he existed

Now placed where needed,

at the top of the tree


2 thoughts on “Ryan is my Angel

  1. It is very touching to see Ryan in his rightful place; looking down over his family. He is amidst the lovely and warn memories that his family share of him at this special time of year:)

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