I Want Whimsy

I took my dog for a walk in the woods today, down my favourite road to the little creek that I enjoy.  Walking is a great time for thinking, so I thought and I thought.  I also tried to look around and enjoy the beauty surrounding me.  I have not been well for a couple of weeks, just fighting a cold, nothing serious.  There are a lot of people sick with colds and flu this time of year and I think that we women, have been running ourselves ragged, getting run down and then, yep, have weakened immune systems so we get sick.  At least I’m sure that’s what I did.  And so for  2012, I am making some promises to myself to change a few things.

I am going to try to ease up on a few things as I have had a lot on the go between work and home and other activities.  I am going to choose which committees to be involved in and put the reigns on some other activities that I’m involved in.  It’s hard though, cuz there’s so much to do in this life and so little time!

I am going to take more time for me.  I have spent the last five years living in guilt and trying to make up for what I felt had to be made up for to everyone around me.  So I’m going to work on my guilt which might mean that I do more things that I want to do and enjoy to do, no matter what other people think.  Wow, how’s that for a resolution?

I want more whimsy in my life.  That is a cool word and I might have to research it to find out if I have any whimsy already and how much whimsy one should have.  Can one have too much whimsy?  I like to think of myself as being whimsical at times.

Yesterday I painted a picture of some flowers with water colours that I found in the closet.  I cannot paint but some day would love to take a lesson.  It was fun just to sit and pretend.  I will share it with you, but don’t laugh.  Just try it yourself.  I admire and enjoy art.  A fellow blogger that I follow, David Francis Barker, is a real painter and please check out his stuff here.  I also love the poetry of C.L. Sostarich.  Her poems have lots of whimsy.  You can check her out here.

Let me know of any whimsical things you have enjoyed.


9 thoughts on “I Want Whimsy

  1. Kathy your picture is delightful! I think whimsy is something we all need to find and have more of in our lives. I find whimsy in coloring pictures, with my box of crayons, in dot to dot pictures, and in telling my flowers in the vase how beautiful they are. Thank you for reminding us of that, and blessings to you as you follow your path of whimsy 🙂

  2. I love your flowers! And whimsy isn’t quite the same thing as silly, but I am reminded of a quote in a John Steinbeck book: “it’s great fun being silly.” May you have great fun being silly or finding whimsy.

  3. hi kathy, happy new yr, love your flowers they r just so simple and easy to me like life should be, you;ve captured that.,
    i LOVE whimsicle if that is spelt right, that is why i love shows like Harry Potter, \merlin, an Lion Witch an the wardrobe to name a few, i love the fantasy of the life and of course the dress up clothes, during christmas i bought a pair of boots that were whimsical like mary poppin, and that is all fun and i believe that is what your looking for something FUN that is how i see it and that is how i feel all the time and try to do..whimsical is fun…..

  4. Kathy, I think that your watercolor is beautiful! It definitely has a bright whimsy 😉 I hope you really do get to live out your resolution and do some things just for you. When you take good care of yourself, all those around you will benefit from that. Thank you for mentioning my blog too!

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