My Baby Girl

Good-bye baby girl

I’ll miss your sweet face

but I won’t forget it

don’t forget me

I have to go away for awhile

until I get healthy

then I’ll return to you

and be a mother

dear little baby girl

how you must be growing

do you have your first tooth yet?

do you laugh and play peek-a-boo?

my days are long and empty

I lie here in a bed

waiting for the day when

I’ll rise and walk again

precious little baby girl

have you taken your first step?

is there someone there to catch you

if you fall and I’m not there?

the nurses helped me sit up today

and I saw the sun shine finally

soon I will be coming home

and we’ll be a family

sweet little baby girl

are you talking constantly?

do you call another woman mother?

don’t you remember me?

I am growing stronger with each day

the doctor says I’ll be leaving here soon

what will await me

when I return to you


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