Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Jesus felt betrayed, forsaken and abandoned.  He felt alone and in a very dark place.  I’ve been there.  I can relate to Jesus.  I was taught that Hell is a place where there is no God.  That’s why it’s Hell.  God is not there.  I’ve been there too!  I’ve been to Hell!

I remember it well and I don’t want to ever go back there if that is possible.  The moment I knew my son was gone from this world, gone from me, forever, I felt the aloneness.  I felt abandoned.  I wondered if there ever had been a God.  Was it just wishful thinking?

God, why? Why Ryan? Are you there?  Why have you abandoned me?

No answer.

No answer.

Quietness.  Silence.  Stillness.

All I can hear is the beating of my heart.  Stop beating.  Why are you still beating?  Why don’t you stop?

God is not here anymore.

The pain is here.  An ache so strong inside that threatens to break my head in two pieces.  The pain is real.  It fills the emptiness inside.

It chokes the air from my lungs and clouds my eyes.  I cannot see anything in front of me.

Why have you forsaken me?

Yes, I’ve been to Hell and I don’t want to go back there.

But Life Goes On http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkcYbTeRKqA&list=FLoK1WnenNkyimF3a1j7T14Q&index=4&feature=plpp_video


3 thoughts on “Why Have You Forsaken Me?

  1. I was in many sermons in my day this is what I was taught. I have heard many people speak of Hell, Hell is a place where there is no God, but it is the place where judgement falls on those do not get judgement here. I believe in a Hell for them if nothing else, they will have their judgement there. They may escape it here with man,they may seem to be getting away with it, but they will not escape it. God will have his judgement on them, he will not forsake us or those that have been robbed from us. He will bring them to their knees, they will confess it, for all mankind to see.

    A minister once told me that there is Hell here on earth, he was living it. His daughter was in trouble, serious trouble, he was awake at night all night wondering if it was the night he would get the call. Years went by, while he lived in his Hell.
    Kathy, those that seem to go on, living and laughing believe they have escaped judgement, are fooled. The judgement here is nothing compared to the judgement they will face. They will get JUDGED…they will be in HELL forever, with no relief. We will be reunited with loved ones that have been taken from us. God is a loving God, I have to believe that. It brings me peace knowing that. I will see those loved ones again that are there waiting. Those that struggled in this world, with illness, with the weight of the world, and were taken from us. Mothers will be reunited with their children, I believe that promise…I have to.

  2. Kathy my heart aches for you and all the unanswered questions. I loved your song about something that cannot be easy to deal with. Thank you for sharing such deep feelings in written word and song –

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