Turtle Island Writer’s Festival

Time is going by quickly, it seems to go even faster during the summer months here in the North.  So, here is the low-down on the up-coming Turtle Island Writer’s Festival.  This will be Red Lake’s first festival for writers of all types and we are very excited.  I am stressed.  I belong to the Fools Gold Writers Group.  We had a hard time trying to figure out where the apostrophe goes in Fools.  Should it be before or after the “S”, as there are more than one fool?  I have decided to just leave it out and call it poetic license.  We get together now and then and write.  The group welcomes anyone who has an interest in any kind of writing.

There are four of us on the Turtle Island Committee, Christine Penner Polle, who you can find over at  http://350orbust.com/, Kaaren Dannenmann, Kristina Booi and myself.  This is my first time participating in organizing something of this sort, so it is a little scary, but my cohorts are very reassuring so I am sure we will have a fabulous time.  Just ignore me.

The festival is on Friday, September 28th and Saturday, September 29th.  We have three authors confirmed to be coming to be do whatever we want them to do!  They are Winona LaDuke, see  her here at http://nativeharvest.com/?q=winona_laduke and Susan Scott, author of All Our Sisters http://www.amazon.ca/All-Our-Sisters-Stories-Homeless/dp/1442601094 and Lila Cano.  Please check them out. We are also welcoming local Authors to participate by showing their work in one of the booths that will be available. 

This is almost too much excitement for me, not sure if I can hold on until September.  I attended the opening of Beginnings, the art show at our Heritage Centre, on Thursday.  It was so much fun to see the artwork of people in the area and I was totally blown away.  Of course, I now want to be a painter too.  That is so cool.  But you’ve seen my attempt in a previous blog.  Not pretty.  Oh well, it is still inspiring to see the wonderful creations of others.  Attending the opening also proved to be very fruitful for our committee.  We have been looking for someone to help us with graphics for our posters and brochures and we met a wonderful young artist named Rihkee who we convinced to be part of our festival!  You can check her out here http://rihkee.tumblr.com/tagged/painting.

I will keep you updated on the Festival!  It is possible to have life here in the North.

All of you Red Lakers…get out and see Beginnings!


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