Thank you Teachers!

My grade 4 teacher was the meanest teacher in the school.  She was about four feet high, had red hair and always wore purple, not kidding.  I think she was near retirement by the time I was in her class because my older sisters had also had the pleasure of experiencing life in her classroom.  Her name was Ms. Petrachuk or something like that.  Let me know if you also had her for a teacher/torturer. 

Thankfully, there are now laws about child abuse but that is basically what she did, abuse children.  She yelled, threw things, hit kids with things and degraded them verbally.  It was awful.  I spent the whole year in my desk afraid to say anything or make a mistake.  Back in the day, if you disobeyed, you were also sent to the Principal for the “strap”.  Remember that?

Another school year has ended, here in the great white North.  The children are all free for a couple of months to pursue childhood activities.  My boys have summer jobs.  We have a family vacation planned, all is well.  We survived the school year and are better for it.

The teachers have been wonderful!  I really appreciate teachers who care about the kids and show it.  We are fortunate to have a lot of those teachers.  Mr. Bausch gets a big thank you from me.  He is the science teacher and basketball coach at our High School.  He has been an awesome role model and mentor to my boys, all three of them.  My oldest son, William, who is now 20 years old, is going to Kenya, with Mr.  Bausch and other students on an Outreach/ humanitarian trip in a couple of weeks.  William went to Costa Rica when he was 17 with Mr. Bausch (Bausch, they call him), and it made such an impact on him that he decided to go to Africa and so he worked to pay for it.

The Principal, Aileen, has also had her trials this year but has persevered.  She has a tough job, as Principal and I want to thank her as well, because I know she really cares.

Have a great summer, all of you teachers.  You deserve it!


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