Tent Caterpillars and May Flies

Front garden

Front yard











Yipppeee, they’re here!!!  I’ve found some caterpillars eating my flowers, so I ripped them out of the garden.  Then I found one on my tomato plant.  I only have two tomato plants in my vegetable garden, with the lettuce so I flicked that little sucker off into the lake.  But I know he’ll be back, it’s only a matter of time.  I think they can swim too.

I’ve read a little on the tent caterpillars and it looks like they’re here for three years.  Won’t have to plant anything for the next two years – more time to blog.  But seriously, isn’t there any way to stop the buggers?  I remember when I was in grade five; the boys would squash the caterpillars on our clothes and throw them at us girls. Poor things.  Stupid boys.

The May Flies don’t bother me, just have to check myself over when I come inside and gently remove them back to the outdoors.  We live on the lake so we can’t avoid the May Flies.  And the fish love them. Yum, Yum.

I don’t have much flowers as we are working on our siding but I am going to try to fight the caterpillars.  Well at least for today.  It’s so exhausting, trying to keep things weeded, never mind pest free.

Happy summer!  Guess I’ll go for a swim.  Oh ya, there are bugs in the lake…

bugs be gone

Vegetable garden


What the heck are these?

And fish poop in this water?


One thought on “Tent Caterpillars and May Flies

  1. Hi Kathy – some of the caterpillars that are destroying gardens around the community this year are cutworms, the kind that eat leaves/destroy the plant from the top down rather than chopping a seedling down at the base. There’s a Green Corner in next week’s paper on it, but you might want to check out the red lake “let’s eat local” facebook page for conversations about the infestation this year. Good luck!

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