The Kenya Trip


Last summer my son, William, was fire fighting and I spent the summer worrying about him.  This summer he went to Kenya and I was worrying again.  It seems I am forever sending that boy off somewhere or waiting for him to come home from somewhere.  And I can tell that is how it is going to be with him.  Anyway, he took a few pictures; some avid photographers took  pictures that they will share later.  Mr. Bausch is a photographer; you can find his website online and see his photos

William said it was a life changing experience and he wanted to stay there.   The people are totally awesome, so friendly, nice and grateful for every thing they have.  It was weird to come back to Canada; the materialistic way we live was so noticeable.

The school they were building was a new school for elementary grades.  Because the children have a long way to travel to get to the school, most of them stay at the school.  They live there for three months and then have one month off and do this continually.  They have to pay to go to high school.  Our kids whine and complain about school, but over there, they consider it a privilege.  At the end of their trip the students all donated some money and sponsored one student to attend high school.

Water is also not taken for granted.  The Mammas walk 4 km a day to a spring where they can get fresh water.  The students all had one minute showers each day.  Food is also appreciated.

The city of Nairobi is a very modern city with everything that you would want.  They travelled from there to the Maasai Mari and lived in a compound and learned traditional Maasai living.  William loved the children who also loved him.  He has bruises on his arms from carrying them around and playing with them.

On the safari, they were blessed to see so many different animals, including lions, elephants, giraffes, monkeys and hippos.  They also saw a tarantula who was dug out of his home when they were digging sand for the school.

When I was young, it was my dream to one day go to Africa; I think I have done that now vicariously through my son.  I am just too lazy to do all of that work to get there.  To get to Africa from Red Lake, the students had to first get to Winnipeg, Manitoba (6 hours away) and then fly to Montreal, Quebec and then fly to Zürich Switzerland and then to Nairobi and then by land to the Maasai Mari.  Whew, that’s exhausting….


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