Flowers for Shirley 2012





Shirley’s birthday is today.  She would be 56, I believe.   She left us in 2006 at the age of 48. I’m now 48…   Breast Cancer ended her life but  her family was her life, especially her son, Ian.  She would have adored her grandchildren, Aiden and Keira.   My sister, Shirley was the best person that I ever knew.  I still ask her for advice.  She loved  camping, singing (badly), Cops, Survivor, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, dog sledding and anything with nature.  I sure miss you Shirley.  Here are your flowers!  And this is the poem/song I wrote for you…


My sister wore mini skirts to school in those days

her long hair shone in the golden sun as she got on board the bus

so free, no worries, all the world ahead

she was young and full of fun in the early seventies

weekend parties at the beach were groovy

everyone piled into her old, blue, chevy

8-track playing the Beatles and the Bee Gees

summer days they came to the young with ease

summer jobs, working as a waitress

pumping gas at the corner station

no computers meant fewer problems

and Trudeau knew how to spend a dollar

my sister wore bell-bottoms to school in those days

her long hair hung straight down as it swung when she got on the bus

she was alive and laughed with life

and danced the hustle in the early seventies

boys would phone and come a calling

she would giggle and bat her false eyelashes

holding hands and walking on the beach

summer days they went by so fast

talking on the phone and laughing

talking about boys to girlfriends who meant everything

writing letters to pen pals in foreign countries

eating pizza at pajama parties

my sister wore a long pink dress to the prom in those days

her long hair piled high on her head as she climbed on the back of a motorcycle

she was beautiful and happy, hopeful of love and romance

all dreams came true in the early seventies









2 thoughts on “Flowers for Shirley 2012

  1. Hahaha! I love this tribute. Shirley was not only the best person I knew but also the funniest and yes she sung, badly! I worked with Shirley for a couple of years and always enjoyed our chats. She enjoyed good food also but her recipe for moose meat and oatmeal needed tweaking. Thanks for this Kathy, Brought back good memories.

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