Burton Cummings Rocks the Tent


We screamed, we laughed, we sang at the top of our lungs and we danced, danced, danced the night away.  I revisited my youth last weekend when I went to the Harbourfest Festival in Kenora, Ontario.  There my husband and I spent the evening with my friend Somchit and her partner, Pete and had a great time at the Burton Cummings concert.  That man knows his stuff and can rock out, still at the age of 64.  The band before his show was just as exciting for me because it was Prism which brought me back to the age of 13 or 14.  I love Prism.  And I got to shake hands with a band member because we were right up at the stage! 

It was fun.  It made me forget everything else in the world for awhile and just have a good time.  I can’t wait to go back to Harbourfest next year!


2 thoughts on “Burton Cummings Rocks the Tent

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  2. Isn’t music great?! It is definitely something to get lost in – sounds like you had a great time! I saw The Guess Who about 30 some years ago, but sadly Burton Cummings wasn’t with that incarnation of the band at that time. But they were still great to hear 🙂

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