Summer is ending?

I am off on my vacation and will blog about that later.  It is the first vacation that I have taken in a long time and I am looking forward to it.  We, husband and twin 16 year olds, are driving out west to visit my bro in Nanaimo.  Along the way, we will stop and enjoy everything that we can.  Summer is fabulous here in the North, but it is short, and we have to enjoy every minute of it.  The hot days of July are for swimming and water sports.  August is for camping and BBQ’s and then September is for getting ready for what is to come during the long months of winter.

I have done my share of swimming. I did not go camping this year because we chose Burton Cummings over camping.  I have cooked on my BBQ almost every day. I only went canoing once. I had a couple of fun, amazing parties with awesome friends and fireworks. One son went to Africa and one to basketball camp, one stayed with me and Ryan was remembered every minute.

I am in the process of planning, along with friends, our upcoming Turtle Island Writing Festival, which will be September 27-29.  I can’t wait for that.  It will be wonderful!!!!!!!!   I love writing.




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