Prayer for the Prairies

Okay, so I am home from my road trip to the West Coast of Canada.  I wanted to show my boys (the ones still at home in my clutches) the Rocky Mountains, the Pacific Ocean and yes, even the prairies.  Our trip was challenging and exhausting and there were a few times that I wanted a divorce, but all in all, we did it and survived.  Thanks to technology, the boys, 16 year olds, were entertained with Ipods and Iphones some of the time.

Our first night was spent in Brandon, Manitoba and from there we went to Medicine Hat Alberta.  So we had to cross the vast and beautiful province of Saskatchewan.  It was exciting at first to see the ocean of wheat and barley. That excitement lasted for a few minutes and then we began to wonder…where’s the water? The windmills were cool and yes, I know there is controversy around the windmills in different areas.  We did not get too close, but from where we were, they were quiet.  I wouldn’t mind having one of those!

My father was born and raised in Saskatchewan on a farm and he also had his own land there for a while before he moved to Red Lake to try out the mining industry in 1948.  When I was a kid, our family went on our road trip and I remember stopping at my dad’s home town.  We sat in a cafe and he told us stories of his boyhood.  So I dreamed of that little boy playing in the fields and climbing the trees as we drove and drove and drove.  I also imagined myself galloping through the golden fields on a beautiful horse, probably a stallion.

We also passed through a First Nation Reserve and I was very impressed.  My people are also farmers! Cool!

There are many strange names of communities out there.  One of those is Indian Head.  I don’t think that is politically correct in this day and age? But I had my picture taken by the giant head so it is a pic of two Indian Heads. Moose Jaw is also another interesting name.  Do moose have jaws? I know they have noses because it is tradition to have a moose nose burning after a successful hunt.  My mother and her brother, Tom, enjoyed this together.  They roasted the nose over an open fire and everyone ate it.  It would bring you luck for your next hunt.  I was allowed to try it once.  Once was enough. By the way, Medicine Hat, Alberta is known for its giant teepee! And how did it get its name?  I believe it also from the First Nations.

Thank you farmers for all of your hard work.  And it looks really hard.


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