Vancouver Island – Canada’s Hawaii?

After having spent five days driving through prairies and mountains we finally, FINALLY, reached Vancouver and the ferry that would take us to our destination. Of course it wasn’t as simple as that. We had to wait on the highway just outside of Vancouver for an hour and a half, crawling along, due to bridge construction and such nonsense.  It took us that long to get 7 km.  OMG! But then we were on the Lions Gate Bridge? and over to Horseshoe Bay to again get in line and wait an hour for the ferry to take us to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

I took more videos than pictures because I wanted to show my parents exactly what it was like. The ferry ride on BC Ferries was an hour and forty minutes long but it was heaven after all of the time in the car!  And then we were there! We exited the Ferry and in a few minutes (thanks to GPS) we were at my brother’s house and I had a glass of wine in my hand!

There were many adventures on the island, which I will not bore you with, but I will just share a few in the next couple of blogs.  I don’t like writing long blogs.  My attention span is short, also.

Vancouver Island seemed like Hawaii to me.  I haven’t been to Hawaii, yet. There are palm trees and all kinds of plants and flowers that I only dream of.  And, there is the ocean.  The OCEAN!  I loved the ocean and mostly because I love boats.  I have lots of pictures of boats.  I especially love fishing boats.  There were yachts in the harbour that were worth more than my house and they all had beautiful names.  The only boat I could find with my name on it…wait for it…was a tug boat…but oh well…that suits me!  I did find an island named after my family.  Was fun to find a Cameron Island as we have one in our bay that is named after my grandparents.  I will lay claim to every Cameron Island in the world. You can read my previous blog about that…

There were cute little shops all along the harbour front and wonderful pubs and restaurants.  And we walked on the beach and found crabs in the sand.  Studied sea shells, rocks and drift wood.  I can feel the breeze on me now and the smell, the sweet, sweet, no, actually fishy smell of the sea….


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