Tofino – Surfers’ Delight


If you are ever on Vancouver Island, Tofino is a must see.  It is the coolest town in Canada.  The surfers hang out there.  Awesome, man. Well before we went that way, we drove up the coast from Nanaimo to Campbell River.  I haven’t been there in 25 years and man has it changed.   It is beyond description.  The road which is the scenic coastal road is  so amazing and beautiful.  Just husband and I did this two or so hour drive.  The boys spent the day with their uncle and his partner at a place where they could go bumper boat-water gunning.  Apparently they had so much fun and my brother was soaked by the end of it.  Any way, we just drove and stopped at every beach or view that we wanted to and also at every garage sale or antique sale.  We had lunch at the Highwayman Inn Pub.  Another cool place, and I didn’t think anything could match the Pig’s Ear Saloon that we ate at in the Frazer Valley. 

Campbell River was not how I remembered it at all.  The waterfront is now all developed.  You can rent a fishing rod and fish off of the pier for strange and wonderful fish.  It is truly beautiful and worth the drive. Wow, is all I can say.

The road to Tofino, that is another story.  I was feeling sick on the way there because the corners are unbelievable.  When they say to slow down to 30 km., they mean it.  Of course it is on another mountain road.  On the way back, I drove ,so that I didn’t get sick.  But getting to the little town of Tofino will blow you away.  It is made for tourists and that is what we were, tourists in our own county.  We ate at a little seaside restaurant and had meals that were all named after sea things….

On the way to Tofino we stopped at Cathedral Grove which is a little park that has the oldest and biggest trees on the Island.  I think the oldest tree is 800 years old.  There are signs warning that a tree may just fall over at any time.

We then went to Long Beach which was the absolute most best part of the entire trip.  It was freezing cold there on the Pacific, and the winds were unrelenting but we frolicked in the waves.  And we saw those brave souls who dedicate their time and energy to surfing in Canada.  You guys rock!

Yes, we can surf in Canada!  You can rent a surf board in Tofino and take lessons if you need to.  We just played and ran around!

A vacation, I recommend and will remember always! The next blog, and there is still one more in me, will be the last on my Odyssey to BC.  I promise.  I think.


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