Shirley’s Song or “The Early Seventies”


My sister, Shirley, could not sing.  Those of you who knew her, would agree.  And it was funny.  Because she loved music and loved to sing so we always sang.  I spent many Saturday nights at her house ,when Ryan was small, singing.  She always encouraged me and told me I could sing.  (That was sweet, because I am not a singer either).  We had music nights with our cousin Percy Cameron.  Now, he can sing.  And play guitar!  Percy plays guitar awesomely!  So there is some talent in the family.  On the Cameron side, my uncles and many cousins are guitar players and singers. On the Tetlock side, my cousins are piano players and singers.  As you know, I have been practicing guitar on my own, since Ryan died.  He played many instruments and left behind his electric guitars.  I started on one of his one day and then bought my own acoustic.  I am not trying to be famous, but use it as another way to get the message out that I want to get out.

Okay, enough of that, here is the song that I wrote for Shirley….


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