Does Bullying cause Suicide?


Yesterday, I heard about the 15-year-old girl in BC who died by suicide.  She was being bullied and actually video taped her message which you can apparently watch as well.  I can’t watch it. I have read a suicide note before.

CBC radio had a discussion on whether bullying actually causes suicide or whether the person had previous mental health issues.

Does it really matter?  This young girl is dead. She could not see a way to go on in the world.  She could not see any hope of a brighter future.  She wanted the pain to end. It’s as simple as that. Whether there were previous issues, depression etc., the bullying was too dark and too smothering and she could not climb out of it.

Have you ever been bullied? It is so much more prevalent now, I believe, because of social media. There is now instant bullying.  At least when I was a kid, I was only bullied during school hours, so I was safe at home.  We had one telephone in the house, so the bully would have to call me and harass me on the phone in the living room in front of my family. Most bullies wouldn’t do that.  They like to hide in the dark and strike from a distance.

The teen-age years are hell.  Ahh yes, I remember them well….

We need more support for our youth, and if that means stronger, tougher laws for the internet, then I am all for it.

We all have to stand up against bullying.  It is not cool.  It is not right and it should be illegal.

This girl’s life is gone. Her family is left behind to grieve and to feel the guilt that I know they will feel.  A lifetime of guilt and regret.  My hope for them is that they gain strength by sharing her story and her memory.

My blog is usually about the things I do to survive life after suicide and I try to keep it light and fun but every time someone dies by suicide I am thrown right back to that night, where I stood outside of my son’s apartment looking up at the door and wanting to see my baby boy.


One thought on “Does Bullying cause Suicide?

  1. You make an excellent point in that with all the social media there is now, bullying can extend even further than when we were young. Thanks for writing about a topic that needs to be recognized, especially in this day and age.

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