My Irish

Her eyes, they shone like a diamond you’d think she was queen of the land. And her hair hung over her shoulders, tied up with a black velvet band.

Sometimes the Irish girl comes out in me and I long for the green, green grass of home.  I yearn for Irish eyes that are smiling.  I hear the pipes that are calling. I have dreamed of roaming across the moors and exploring an old castle or walking down the cobble stone streets and stopping into a pub or two to raise a glass of ale.  Yes, I am a dreamer, having never been there, only in my mind. So when I heard that the Irish Rovers were coming to a nearby community, I was very excited.  I watched them every week on TV as a child with my family.  Maybe that’s where my love for the Irish began.

If you spilled out all of my blood and measured it, you would find that I am mostly Scottish with some Irish and Ojibway.  My mother’s parents were Scottish and Ojibway.  My father’s parents were Scottish and Irish. The Irish have always seemed like a fun bunch to me.  They have a reputation to party and that fits me.  I love a good party.  I want my family to have a wake when I die and dance and sing all night long. I was raised with Ojibway beliefs and customs so that will always be the strongest part of me. I respect that way of life more than any other. But if you look at me, I have green eyes and brown hair.  I think that I will fit into an Irish street quite comfortably.  Who knows? I do have my mother’s Ojibway nose…

I have learned to love all of me. And I have decided that it will be possible to go to Ireland.  My brother and I have made a plan to go there for my 50th year which is coming up sooner than I would like.  So sometime during that year, I will make that pilgrimage back to my ancestors.  And party all the way.

 Here is a video of the Irish Rovers that I took.  You may hear a bit of me singing along. I had such a hard time not singing while I was taping.  I had a hard time not dancing too…


2 thoughts on “My Irish

  1. Can I go with you? I’ve always dreamed of visiting the hills of Eire too. I am Irish and German (what a combination, eh?), but I love the rovers and Celtic music too.When I hear it, I just feel like I’ve come home again.

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