Out of the Closet

My brother is my best friend. We are close in age; I’m twenty months older. Growing up together, there were times when we were asked if we were twins (particularly the time my dad bought us matching plaid jackets).  I was always more of the boy in the family, so I wasn’t surprised when my brother told me he was gay.  I was just worried about him as that was in the eighties when AIDS was just becoming known and gay people were being targeted.  I also was afraid  that he would have a more difficult life, not being status quo.  But our family has never been status quo.  We’ve gone through almost anything you can imagine!

 Today my brother lives with his partner, Dave, who I also love, and he has been a very successful person in the world, traveling his journey.  I am happy to have traveled part of his journey with him.

This is my brother’s story.  He has given me permission to post this, and I am more than proud to. He was interviewed for an upcoming documentary on the experiences of people who “came out of the closet”.

Here is the interview:



7 thoughts on “Out of the Closet

  1. Thank you for sharing Bill’s story. It brought me to tears listening to parts of it, knowing him during that time and before and being totally oblivious to the struggles he was facing within himself. I wish I could have been more of a support, a friend to him when we hung out as teenagers. I remember when he came back from school with his boyfriend and not really being surprised. It just made sense to me and I never questioned it. I am so happy that Bill is happy with himself and his life. Thanks to FB, we are still connected and I love seeing pics of Bill and Dave – they are obviously soulmates! Much love to them!

    • Thanks for your support and continued friendship! I think we all feel like we should have treated someone kinder at different times in our lives but not to feel guilty and just look at everyone with kind eyes these days!!😊

  2. Kathy,
    Your brother is a very lucky guy to have such a wonderful, loving, and supportive sister. Your post reeks of “Proud”. I admire both of you and wish you all the happiness life has to offer.

  3. Your brother seems delightful! Thanks for sharing his interview with everyone. I feel lucky that here in Portland the gay population is well accepted and very much out in the open; hopefully someday all the world will be as such.

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