Turn on the Lights

The days are super short and there are many days where the sun does not even peek out to smile down at us.  The time of the darkness is upon is.  And it will stay this way until December 21st? I have been sleepy and trying to stay awake in the evenings to finish reading my Maeve Binchy book.  Energy, please come back!

I have gone into my hibernation state.  When I get home from work, it is difficult to go back out the door.  Fortunately, my dog and my teens still harass me for walks and rides so I am forced to venture out of the warmth and security where I could easily just live in my own world. 

I have set myself some winter goals such as reading, writing, blogging,blog reading, scrapbooking, knitting and painting and of course guitar playing and singing.

It was a relief to get the snow.  It brightens up the world and I do love it.  I saw the first snow machine today. The sun was out and we made the most of it, walking the dog in the forest and then shovelling my parents’ driveway.  The view from my living room is brighter with the snow outside, looks like a chalet in Switzerland. Must embrace the snow, must embrace the snow, must embrace the snow…

And notice that I have my little village out already.  I also have my christmas train out but the large dog keeps stepping on it!  My boys and I are going to attempt to make a gingerbread house this year, but that’s for a later post…


4 thoughts on “Turn on the Lights

  1. A friend who suffers from seasonal affective disorder believes low energy and even winter depression had survival value for groups in northern climes. Like we lay around the longhouse rather than venture out with the cold and hungry predators. I experience lower energy at this time of year even though it’s relatively mild. Giving oneself permission definitely helps. So does gingerbread.

  2. Ah yes, I remember the snow! And as much as you love it, I sure don’t miss it:) I get a kick out of trying to tell native Portlanders about massive amounts of snow and below zero weather – they just can’t comprehend it. But I did keep my Stegar mukluks, just in case – always prepared!

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