My 2012 in Review

I thought I would join in with everyone else and look back at my year.  Hey, I made it through another year!!!  Every year that goes by takes me farther from Ryan…but I am so happy to be able to see my surviving boys grow into men. Thankful to be here to do that.  I am grateful for each day that I have here on this planet and maybe someday, hopefully, I will get to see Ryan again somewhere…

So 2012 started off great with a trip to Washington DC to the International Women’s Shelters Conference.  That was the most amazing experience of my little life so far. 

washington 133

washington 128

I have continued to play my guitar, write poetry and stories and also took a lesson in painting.

In May I attended the Out of the Darkness Walk in Thunder Bay, ON and sang one of the songs that I wrote to about 300 people.  I also hosted Red Lake’s Out of the Darkness Walk.  (We had 12 people). But will continue to speak out about suicide and end the stigma.

My son, William, went to Kenya and helped to build a school with Me to We.

kenya 176

I had a fabulous summer on the lake, swimming and eating and having fires and having friends over.

summer12 136summer12 044

fall2012 019

may2012 036

I went to Vancouver Island in August…the road trip… I need say no more.  And it was and still is inside my head.  Yes I would love to retire out there.  But for now, I will paint pictures about it…

nanaimo 2012 125

nanaimo 2012 232

In September our little writers’ group, hosted Red Lake’s first Writing Festival.  We had Winona LaDuke and Susan Scott, authors, as key speakers.  It was inspirational as well as fun. 

Those are just some highlights, and if you read my blog then you know that a highlight can be a vacation to someplace new or it could be making an ice candle…it’s all about experiences, not about stuff.

As always, on this journey, I will continue to keep things simple, appreciate what I have and try to love the people around me as much as possible. What makes me happy? Having a laugh with loved ones and friends.

And my dog, she makes me happy when I look at her…

Oh and wine.  Wine makes me happy.

And blogging….I will continue to blog as long as people continue to read my blogs. 

Oh yeah, and I have to work on my next writing project and get that done in 2013!

I have learned….

That gingerbread smells awesome!

Take some time to smell the gingerbread…


5 thoughts on “My 2012 in Review

  1. I love reading your blogs Kathy…they are so inspirational. We all need to learn and understand that some of the best things in life can be the simplest and we need to experience, appreciate and embrace them all. Have a great 2013. I sure can understand the road trip to Vancouver, lol. Were you driving? I remember lying down on the floor for parts of it!!!

  2. Each year doesn’t bring you further from Ryan but closer to the time when you will reunite again. Thanks for sharing your experiences Kathy.

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