Take the ice road

Surrounded by snow and ice, living in a white world.  It takes your breath away, literally, it’s so frigging cold out there today.  This week went from warm, lots of snow falling to the 40 below stuff.  Climate change? Anyway, you can’t hide away from it (stay indoors and drink wine all day…).  You have to get out there and jump around in some of that cold, white stuff, lie down and make some snow angels like you did as a kid, and you also have to shovel it so that you can get out the door in the first place. 

We took the ice road to the grocery store today, as I felt it was safe enough.  I have been more cautious this year.  It took a long time to freeze and then with the warm to cold weather changes from week to week….can’t be good for ice.  I can hear it groaning and cracking from our house as vehicles drive by.  Sadly, two communities north of ours have lost two men who have gone through the ice while grooming the ice roads there.  Must respect nature, and tread lightly.

winter 2012 117


winter 2012 119


winter 2012 122


winter 2012 124


winter 2012 127


Where can we park?

Where can we park?


winter 2012 075


winter 2012 090


winter 2012 092


Yes, we are now in the bowels? of winter.  I find myself thinking about Ryan and all that he is missing.  His brothers are growing up to be young men.  William drove his quad over to my parents’ house yesterday to plow their driveway.  Ben drove to work today and Andy, well, I don’t know where Andy is, because he is loving all the snow, out driving around on his snow machine. 

Oh darn, the dog wants to go for a walk…back out I go….


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