nanaimo 2012 018



If you give up, you’ll never know what might have been, what could be. It’s so easy sometimes just not to try, to sit back and let the world go by. But if you try the best that you can, you will see the results in time.

It happened one day, not quite sure how it did. It was just like a wind softly blew through the yard stirring up the dirt into tiny little tornadoes. The laundry fluttered on the line as if someone had walked by and had slightly touched it as they passed. He could feel it in the air too. Something was about to change. Nothing would be the same ever again. It was impossible because even the air was changing, mutating, evolving. He smelled it.

The screen door sprang open with a squeak, the same squeak it had always squeaked for years gone by, never was oiled, no need for oil. A good squeak in a door is hard to come by.

Out she stepped, eyes lit up and scrunched at the corners as she smiled a big smile. She clapped her hands together in front of her large, soft chest and loudly proclaimed, “It’s here. It’s finally here. Come on, we’ve got to get to town before the store closes. Come on, Son. Get in the truck.  Hurry, let’s go.”

And the small boy, sitting on the road, shoveling dirt into his dump truck, got up obediently with a frightened look on his face and followed her to the truck. His legs still too short stretched as far as they could to step up into the old red half-ton. She was already behind the wheel with the key in the ignition.

“Buckle up, Son. I got to put the pedal to the metal.” And they were off bouncing down the road, the dust flying behind. The springs in the seat protesting each and every bump along the way.


 *      *      *


“What’s that cloud of dust out there, Herman?” the woman at the sink asked as she dried her hands on the apron that she wore over her dress.

“That’s Millie. I’d recognize her dust anywhere,” the man at the window replied. He took another gulp from the beer in his hand and put the empty can on the table.  He  then put his hat on his head and wandered slowly out the door to stand on the veranda. “What is she up to now?” he thought out loud. “Never a dull moment in that house.” He looked down the road to where the dust was disappearing, leaving behind it no trace of anything having ever been there.



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