A Simple Life

Family and a fire, so simple, but so satisfying.  The weather has been beautiful.  We headed out for a wiener roast.   The boys along with Andy’s girlfriend  tried snowshoeing and grandma even went for a walk.  She borrowed Grandpa’s walking stick (made by Ryan). Grandpa and Rick stayed back at the fire to discuss politics or something. The dog had a great time.  I am thinking about spring and gardening!

winter 2012 157


winter 2012 161


winter 2012 152


winter 2012 170


winter 2012 168


winter 2012 142


I was also excited this week because one of my poems was published in  the Sagatay magazine which is put out by Wawatay News.  It is the magazine that is put on the Wasaya air flights to Northern Communities.  Bryan Phelan, a reporter for Wawatay, was in Red Lake for our Turtle Island Writing Festival and he liked three of my poems.  That was exciting and unexpected!  You can check it out online at http://www.wawataynews.ca/sagatay/node/616


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