Fire and Water

There is something about fire and water that just hypnotizes and mesmerizes and soothes the soul.  Of course they are both deadly if not respected as well.  My other half loves fire and fireworks, so it works out good for me because he is constantly making fires, gathering firewood or fireworks or something similar.  He buys a lot of candles too!  Recently, he purchased a new wood stove for the deck and I think it is so cute.  We will be cooking on it a lot this summer.  I can see a lot of bannock in the future.

Our water is still frozen here, and yes, people are still driving on it.  But I know that soon, eventually, one day, it will melt and we will see the pure, clean stuff that is beneath the snow and ice.  In the mean time, a glass of Merlot by the wood stove will have to do.

So, I thought I would just share some fire and water pictures as I keep dreaming.

The new stove

The new stove


winter 2012 204


winter 2012 205


winter 2012 207


A new sign for the deck

A new sign for the deck

What I'm waiting for

What I’m waiting for


I would also be remiss if I did not mention that our little community of Red Lake was treated to some fabulous world champion figure skaters, Eric Radford and Meagan Duhamel, this weekend.  They just won the Bronze title at the World Figure Skating Championships.  Eric Radford grew up in Red Lake and his brother happens to live next door to me.   Hopefully at some time I will get to meet Eric. I was unable to attend the show due to prior commitments but as a Red Laker and Canadian, I am proud.  Our little town has generated some talented people for the world.


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