Spring has sprung

We’ve been waiting patiently, well, okay, not really patiently, more like frantically.  It has arrived.  It is here to remain until summer gets here.  The ice is slowly melting and getting blown into the shore by the winds.  The sea gulls, ducks and loons are back and the beaver is swimming around.  It is all beautiful and fresh.

Now for the spring cleaning….declutter, get rid of junk and crap that has accumulated throughout the winter and let the house breathe.

Picture 079Picture 056

Picture 091

Picture 095

Picture 083


Picture 123


And then, finally, it left and the planes are back!

Picture 126


2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. Hope it warms up soon for you! It was a long winter here in Edmonton, too (7 months of snow!! and me from the West Coast . . .), and then we went from snow one weekend to 30+C the next! I’m not a fan of extremes, so I complained for the first bit. But now it’s back to normal, deliciously cool and breezy, 20+ outside. I love it! Only it makes me wish I had a garden . . . Have a lovely spring yourself! ~ Linne

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