Getting Wood

I love the smell of fresh-cut wood. mmmmm. And I love a man with a big tool.  mmmmm.  So I was all for the idea of cutting our own wood for our fires that we enjoy so much.  As a child, we had a wood furnace and every year my poor parents went out to the forest and cut enough wood to last the winter.  We young’ns had to help at times and it was torrrturrre.  I absolutely hated it.  But I always loved the smell of it.

This is different.  This is fun.  We are also helping out the forest at the same time.  If you remember, last October, we had the giant snow fall that caused the trees to bend and snap and our power was out for two days.  You can see some of that in this post if you like.  The forest is full of dead trees now and they become a fire hazard over time.  We are cutting up the dead and fallen trees.

My son, Will, is fire fighting again this summer.  He would probably like there to be more fires because he gets paid more when he is out for days at a time fighting.  I always joke that I’m going to start some fires because this will help pay for his schooling…but I am just joking.  Fires are scary crap.

I am doing my part to help save the forest…and getting some fresh air and exercise at the same time.  And then later, maybe next freezing winter, I will enjoy the warmth of the labour.

Picture 085

Picture 088

Picture 107

Garbage left in the woods.

Garbage left in the woods.

Picture 087

Picture 092


2 thoughts on “Getting Wood

  1. The smell of cut wood is wonderful to me as well –that may be why I also enjoy wandering around the lumber section of Lowes, idk. My family lived in the woods and had a wood furnace. Wood and gardening were major parts of our lives in the country. Your experiences talked about in this post have brought back many memories for me –the winter snows especially. Thanks for sharing these pieces of your life with us!

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