My best friend, Maggie

I just have to write a little about Maggie, the wonderful creature who came into our lives exactly one month after Ryan died.  She has driven me crazy and kept me sane at the same time.  We met her at the Humane Society in Dryden, which is a two and a half hour drive from here.  I remember my first sight of her.  She was all legs and looked humongous but friendly.  I am afraid of big dogs so I was very leery of her and how would the drive back home go?  But she won my heart right off the bat because she knew that I needed her.

She has made me get up in the mornings and follow a routine.  She has made me go out of the house and go for a walk, or a run or a swim!  She has made me smile and laugh and has given me lots of hugs.

She has also eaten my steak off the counter, my hamburger off the fire pit and my butter tarts off the table.  She has crapped on the floor, puked on the floor, killed the grass, scratched up the leather sofa and her tail has knocked over the plants a hundred times.

But I love her.  Lately, Maggie and I go for an early morning walk/run/swim because our summer days do get hot.  She has her own ramp to get into the lake.

I’m not able to train her so I make her watch The Dog Whisperer.

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spring2013 037

spring2013 029



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