Forest Fire Season







William is fighting fires right now somewhere out there.  These photos were taken by one of his crew members in 2011.  It was a bad year that year.  Their camp was totally burned out and they lost all of their stuff as you can see in the pics.   They had to jump into a boat and escape.  But luckily they had water to escape onto.  I am still sickened about the 19 fire fighters who died in Arizona.  I worry about my son all the time but I know that he loves what he is doing. 

My uncle, Gordon, was killed forty-five years ago when he was struck by lightning when fire fighting.  Back in those days they used volunteers right off the streets of Red Lake.  He was 26 years old when he died and left his daughter behind.

William has undergone extensive training and has to pass an incredible fitness test.  He is also able to be sent out of province because he scored high enough on the test.

In 1980, Red Lake was evacuated when a fire camp within two kms of town.  I was 16 at that time and left with some of my cousins to go and stay at my sister’s in Manitoba.  My family stayed behind living on Fisherman’s Island.

When I hear the choppers flying overhead, I get that knot in the stomach.

Thank you to all of the men and women fighting the fires and keeping us safe.  I am praying for family members of those who have lost their lives.

Watch this video on the Weather Network.  I took thie lightning video from our deck.


2 thoughts on “Forest Fire Season

  1. am grateful for Will and his partners….specially after i looked on afternoon for current fire season, then the thunderstorm happened, next day i looked again, and all these fires popped up…Thank you for your wonderful and may God keep him and his partners safe.

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