Kevin O’Leary is full of It



So I was watching the Lang & O’Leary Exchange on CBC tonight and heard Kevin say that he doesn’t care what it does to people as long as he makes money…he owns stock in tobacco and in Pepsi and Coke….

I do love Kevin and watch Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank.  But, come on Kevin… you are full of it… you do care.

If you have children, you should care…

He says he just wants to make money…

I know that if something tragic happened to someone he loves or himself.. money would mean nothing…

I never thought about drugs or suicide until…yes… until my son died.

When it happens to you it becomes real.  you can check their show here.


One thought on “Kevin O’Leary is full of It

  1. Unfortunately, there are many who think things will be a certain way until something happens to totally change the way they look at things — then they wonder how they could ever have thought that certain way. It would be so great if all of us would learn from the experiences of others who have been down that road.

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