The Seagull Song

Can you see it?

Can you see it?

This is the seagull song that I wrote a while back.  Sometimes I just stare out the window and I am fortunate to see some beautiful birds and wildlife.  The wildlife is sea doos and wake boarders and the wildlife is seagulls…  okay, I used to hate the seagulls because they are bullies but I have to come to love them as well. 

When I lived at the fish camp as a child, I had to feed the seagulls everyday the leftover fish guts after my parents spent hours cleaning white fish…

Fish Camp 1970's

Fish Camp 1970’s

Anyway, this is the song that I wrote.  In my grief, they do give me peace.

I hope you enjoy it.  Seagull in Ojibway is ki ask.  (long i)


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