Culture Days 2013


I asked everyone who stopped by our booth yesterday at the Red Lake Culture Days event to add a line to the story that I started.  It was raining all day and sadly, we did not get many people out but it was a great afternoon.  I enjoyed sitting next to my friend Kaaren Dannenmann’s booth “Save Big Falls”.  She is trying to stop a hydro damn from being built on traditional lands.  You can check her out on Facebook!  We shared some whole wheat bannock that I made while we visited and talked to our visitors.

The story started with:  Once upon a time in a land nearby…

and continued thus..

a giant river at the bottom of the mountain there was a miner sitting by the edge of the river eating a pickle. He sat and crunched on the pickle and thought, and thought about what to do with my life? Well, I could go back to school or move to… the bush which he loved.  He decided to quit mining.  He became a trapper in the wonderful town of Red Lake.  It was a rainy day and his boots were getting very wet! So he decided to take them off, then he heard a noise like someone was coming… whoever was coming was getting closer. There came out from behind the bushes, a little old man. The old man had a fishing rod in his hand and he said… Do you have any bait? I replied no, but you could go to Red Lake Marine and they would have some minnows or maybe leeches.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Isn’t it funny how stories can turn out?  Just like real life.

fall 2013 075


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