A loss for words

Winter has fallen on me

clasped me in its cold and icy hands

covering me in a heavy white gown

leaving goose bumps on my skin

and tears that freeze before they fall

to shatter into tiny pieces

taken away by the wind

words cannot be heard

if they cannot be spoken

Sometimes grief comes to us and won’t let us go.  This month we have had a great loss in our community.  A tragic plane crash has taken the lives of five people.  Three of the lost were from Red Lake. Miraculously, two people survived. In respect to the families, I have not written about this tragedy but I, along with many others, have felt sadness and shock.

It took me right back to the night that someone came to my house to tell me that my son was dead.  The moment that changed my life forever.  I know what it is like to feel shock and pain so great that you don’t know how to move. I know what it is like to have nightmares, to wish that if only you could go back to yesterday, to wake up every morning, open your eyes and then remember. Oh ya, he’s gone…

winter201314 001



One thought on “A loss for words

  1. I know those feelings, too, having lost two brothers and other relatives I loved. I was sad to see that crash on the news. Nothing really helps, I know, but your community is in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you. ~ Linne

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