A New Year of New Things?

I’ve been thinking and thinking.  What should I blog about this year?  In the past I have written about a mish mash  of things.  Should I focus on one topic and go with that?  The theme of the blog is “life after suicide”.  The purpose is to let people into my life and what I go through after having a child end his own life.  I have shared parts of my life such as my poetry, my book, my friends and the activities that I try to do to keep on going.  Sometimes it’s just silly stuff, like making a gingerbread house, sometimes it’s more serious, like ranting about living in the same community with the people who I believe are partly responsible for my son’s death.

What could I focus on?  Hmmmm.  Too much talk about suicide makes me sad.  I love music and trying to play the guitar but I’m no Gene Simmons.  Poetry is how my brain works, but not everyone is into that stuff.  I enjoy painting, but I’m no A.Y. Jackson.  He’s of the Group of Seven, Check them out. I want to save the planet.  I love the outdoors.  I am trying to live the simple, minimal life.  My cultures are very important to me.  Yes I’m a mish mash of that too.  OMG!!!!

I am just too complex to focus on one thing.  Yes that’s it.  I’m a mysterious, complex woman.  And don’t forget passionate. Very passionate.  So I haven’t figured out anything yet and it’s already past the first week of January.

Sorry, the blog will continue on insanely like it always has. There will be some writing, singing, poetry, pictures and of course some rants.

But hey, I’m still surviving life after suicide.

And you can too.




One thought on “A New Year of New Things?

  1. I go through this too, wondering if I should have a more specific focus for my blog. But ultimately I decide that I like having a mish mash of things 🙂 And I enjoy reading other blogs that touch on the various topics that people care about, or their daily life. I like blogs that are like journals- I know there are tons of other types of blogs out there but I think the journal type format is always going to be a good one.

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