Remember the 70’s? Sigh!!

Is it my romantic imagination, or were the 70’s really all that great?  I was looking at some photos this past weekend because I remembered that I had a cool satin jacket back when I was about 12 or 13 and I wondered if I had a picture of it.  I don’t, but do you remember all of the satin that we wore?  How about the maxi dresses?  The mini skirts?  Hot pants?

Here’s to some good memories…before I grew up and everything went awry…

This pic was taken in 67, so my sister Shirley was about 12, I was about 3 and Bill about 1.

oldpics 001


This next pic was taken in 1970.  I was 6 and Bill 4.  Look at the giant bicycle we had.  We could not even sit on the seat to ride it.  I think someone gave it to us.  And notice the rain barrels by the house.  We had no town water at that time.


This picture was taken in 1974.  We were posing by my Aunt Ethel’s piano on one of our summer vacation trips to visit her in Manitoba. Love my purple pants and yellow shirt!

oldpics 002

This is me playing outside on a nice spring day.  Probably around 74 as well.  I was a tomboy, obviously.

oldpics 003


This is a kind of nice family photo except the photographer, whoever it was, cut off half of Bill’s head and the top of my dad’s head.  I had my hair curled.  Shirley would curl it with the curling iron.  I was wearing the coat that I loved. I thought I looked mature in it! This would have been 76 or 77.

oldpics 004


Then I became a teenager.  Poor parents!  I love this pic because I was trying to look sexy and standing by our old van and station wagon!  This would have been 78 or 79.

oldpics 005


And in this picture I am really trying to look sultry.  I think I made my brother take these pictures.  I was in love with Robbie Benson and Sean Cassidy and my hero was Lyndsay Wagner from the Bionic Woman.  I would spend my hard-earned babysitting money on magazines like “Teen Magazine” and “Teen Beat” and stare at pictures.

oldpics 006

Ahhh, those were the days my friend.  I thought they’d never end.


3 thoughts on “Remember the 70’s? Sigh!!

  1. I remember a satin shirt I wore:). And I love 70’s music so the 70’s must have been awesome. Thanks for sharing the great pictures and memories:)

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