Out of the Darkness 2014

Our 4th annual Out of the Darkness Memorial Walk for Suicide Awareness will be held on Thursday, May 8th!  Mark your calendars!  We hope to see more young people out this year.  We will be starting the walk at 6 p.m. at Red Lake District High School and walking through the new park by the ball field.

Following the walk, Sean S. will share a personal story and we will have a professional on hand talking about their services.  Hoping to have the OPP this year.  Not all confirmed yet.  I will keep you posted.

Bring a photo of a loved one lost to suicide, if you wish.  Come and walk to support others and help us to promote health living for our youth!

Remember, depression is treatable! There is hope and we do not have to walk alone.


2 thoughts on “Out of the Darkness 2014

  1. I live in a small community in northern Ontario, Canada. We have no pros or celebrities but we do have a high school basketball team. It’s a great idea to get them, or the hockey team to be involved! Thanks!

  2. What a great idea to have a walk. There is an undeniable strength and energy when people really know how you feel. I haven’t read your sight yet so forgive me. I saw the walk and had to leave a message. I was an adult when my father committed suicide. No one knew what to say but sorry. I also have abuse issues so I’m pretty crazy, literally, Bipolar. I think the more young people can feel safe to talk about a loved one or their own feelings we all win. Good luck I hope the turn out is great day. Do you live in town with a pro sport or celebrities? I ask because the chances are high any group you talk to has been touched by suicide. Maybe you could get them to come to the start or morning news or social media. It’s so important. I’m very proud of you.

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