Thank you Teachers

My twins have graduated. Whew!!  That is it, now on to the next chapter.  Andy has definite goals and plans and Ben is not sure yet.  I have to thank some fantastic teachers at Red Lake District High School for making this happen.  We are very fortunate to have teachers who truly care about the kids that they teach.  Many have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Thank you Mr. Bausch! You have been a great mentor to the boys that you have coached and such a positive influence.  Thanks Mrs. Kristoff for all of the extra work that you do helping kids to get there.  Thanks also to Mr. Laevens, Ms. Marion,  Mrs Becker, Ms. Estabrooks, Mr. Grant, Mrs. Campbell, Ms. Fletcher and of course a great thanks to Principal Aileen Yakiwchuk.  I believe there are many others who I have missed and I thank you all!

At graduation yesterday, $76,000.00 was handed out in scholarships, bursaries and awards.  Isn’t that incredible!!  I was there to present the Ryan Tetlock Memorial Award of $500.00.  This is the last year that I will be giving this award.  I have given out about $5000.00 over the past seven years to seven students who have contributed to drug/alcohol abuse awareness and/or suicide awareness.  It has been a gratifying way to remember Ryan.  I hope that others will find that giving out these Memorial Awards is a terrific way to remember someone you love and help out a student with their education.  Most of the money given has scholarly attachments to it.  I find that the students who receive these awards are the ones who excel and that is great but they are also the kids who generally come from homes with parents who are well off, well educated people who are supportive of their children.  I am more concerned for those who might not have the top marks, support or anyone motivating them to continue on in school.  These kids need someone to help them to apply for the scholarships and there is a need for more awards that are geared towards them.

Good luck and congratulations graduates!

Thank you teachers everywhere!

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