I need some fun

Yes,it is a lot.  Life is a lot. And sometimes it feels like too much.  But hey, that is life.  That is the way it is.  If you have goals and a plan for your future, that is the way to get on with things..  People have asked me how I go on in the way I do.  I don’t know, I just do.  And the one thing that helps me, is that I am so lucky to live in this beautiful part of Ontario where I get to meet nature each day.  Nature brings me back to reality.  Because it is real!!!  It wasn’t made by humans!  Who made it????  Yeah, it is real.

So today, we went to a town that is twice our size and about two and a half hours from here.  We went just to go and pick up some things at that would be cheaper and mainly just to get away. I have to say that driving down our highway 105 is like driving through a park.  We have had a lot of rain which had caused havoc, flooding the highway but also has caused the greenest trees that I have seen.  Well except for the parts that the Forest Tent Caterpillars have eaten… yesss they are here this year in the North!

Just getting away for a day was good because I appreciate coming home, and also the shrub that we were able to get on sale that will be planted in our yard.

I love Red Lake and look forward to the summer ahead..

summer2014 067



summer2014 069



summer2014 070

The last time I went down this highway, I was blind!!!



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