Beautiful Vinyls

I picked up some new albums while I was in Saskatchewan!  So happy.  I am listening to the Beach Boys from 1977 while the rain drops fall outside.  What is it that makes you happy when you listen to old tunes?  It’s the memories.  The good memories that bring you back to your youth.

Reminds me of innocent times before life turned real. Life was still a dream back then.  In 1977, I was going to be a teacher, get married and have six children. I was in grade seven and had my favourite teacher, Mr. Bell.

Through the years most of my albums got lost during moves or broken or melted.  Vinyl needs a little bit of care. I saved a few and try to pick up some whenever I can. I love my record player.  My son, Ryan, sister Shirley and my mom bought it for me for my birthday about eleven years ago.  Now Ryan and Shirley are both gone from this world and my mom has dementia.  This record player means a lot and I  use it!

Ahhh, what this generation has missed.  They have tiny little ear buds stuck in their ears attached to little ipods.  Vinyls are so much more pretty.



summer2014 251


summer2014 250


summer2014 252


One thought on “Beautiful Vinyls

  1. I moved my album collection around many times, over more than twenty years. Finally I got rid of it as part of an overall de-cluttering plan. There are few things that I miss that I’ve gotten rid of, but I really do miss those albums.

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