Last Summer at the Fun House?

I am seriously thinking of moving.  Yes, it is true.  I have lived here in the North for a long time.  Okay, a total of 50 years.  When you hit 50, it does make you think.  What do you want to do for the next 50 years?  Probably don’t have 50 more good years, maybe 25.  I love Red Lake.  I love my house.  But I have been through a lot here.  I think the hardest thing, is losing my son and everyday I drive by the house where we found him.  I see him everywhere. I also see the people who I know are partly responsible for his death.  My brother has moved and I think it is time for me as well.

So, we are looking at moving out West to Nanaimo next year.  My boys are all finished school and they can come with me if they choose to go to school out there. Or they can do whatever they need to do.  I have three fine young men that I love and am happy to have in my life.

My parents are old now and things are changing there.  My mom has dementia and short-term memory loss.  My dad has glaucoma and is going blind eventually.  I, too, have eye troubles.  I will always come back and help them out when needed or they can move with me if they choose.

This summer has been cold and rainy but the last week has been wonderful.  Finally went swimming.  Usually, I don’t swim in August, but this year I did not swim in July, only in August.  This house has been amazing.  Can I leave it?

summer2014 254


summer2014 260


summer2014 258


summer2014 262


summer2014 266



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