End of the Ryan Tetlock Memorial Award

It was a superb way to remember Ryan and I recommend it to others totally.  My niece, Lisa, suggested it when Ryan died.  Because Ryan died of suicide, I wanted people to remember his great generous side and I wanted his brothers to remember this also.  So the Ryan Tetlock Memorial Award was started at the Red Lake District High School.  Our school gives out more than $40,000.00 a year in scholarships, bursaries and awards.  That is amazing for a small town.   We are fortunate that GoldCorp Inc., the big gold mine here, gives out a lot of money.  There are many businesses that are here and don’t give out squat.

Ryan died in 2006 and since the Memorial Award started, we have given out over $5000.00 to students who have contributed to drug and alcohol abuse or suicide awareness to Katherine Kiewning, Kasey Schnerch, Hilary Harward, Kate Morgan, Michaela James, Matthew Krumennacher.

For me, in my healing journey, the award has come to an end.  I would like to thank those  who have contributed to the award and those who have contributed to the fundraising for the award.

cedar canoe


Spaghetti Dinner 2011 011


Spaghetti Dinner 2011 003


Spaghetti Dinner 2011 010


Spaghetti Dinner 2011 006


Spaghetti Dinner 2011 013


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