I’ll Hold Your Hand

When I was little

you held my hand

tightly in yours

as we crossed the street

you kept me safe

even though I struggled

to break free and run

from the grip that you had

but you held on tight, wouldn’t let go

I will hold your hand now

tightly in mine

and keep you from falling

I’ll keep you safe

I’ll hold your hand





summer12 169

summer12 214

summer 2011 075

winter 2012 173

summer 2011 085


summer2014 358



One thought on “I’ll Hold Your Hand

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I too lost a child. Though the circumstances were different (we lost a 2 month old son to SIDS) there is no pain that can compare and no one in the world who understands that pain other than another parent that has stood beside a gravestone marked with the name of their child.
    I said a prayer for you today as I looked through some of your posts. And I wanted to to tell you that I think this blog is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful young man.

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