Thank you!

So many wonderful things have happened since Ryan died and I have been blessed by so many wonderful people. Especially family near and far.

Facebook friends and blogging friends have been there all along the way.  I thank you. And so many people in my community have been terrific. I want to thank everyone for all of your comments, your likes and hugs on Facebook and beyond.  It does mean a lot.

I want to thank the teachers who have been extra fantastic to my kids and other peoples’ kids.

Thank you to the business people who were sensitive and understanding, like the Post Office, my Bank, the Travel Agency, the Lawyer.

Thank you to co-workers and friends who never gave up. It’s quite amazing.

Thank you to Ryan’s friends who have stopped in to visit or who have messaged me.

And thank you to those who just appear and plow my parents driveway after a snow storm or stop in and visit them or take my mother out for coffee.

There are wonderful people in my town.  And in the world, yes it’s true. Good things still happen. I once saw only the ugliest and saddest in the world.  I didn’t see hope for the future. But you have all shown me the light that is there along the way in my journey. Thank you.

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